In March 2018, AWB Building Co. was awarded the Civil Restructure of the Pedestrian project for Programmed FM. The purpose of this project is to restructure the pedestrian entrance from the shopping centre and pedestrian movement through Morley Bus Station. This was a result of the Galleria Shopping Centre completing major works in the areas adjoining the bus station. The works were limited to three platforms and included:

  • Creating new access from the shopping centre roadway.
  • Relocating pedestrian crosswalks.
  • Demolition and Installation of new pram ramps and associated kerbing.
  • Demolition and Installation of new fencing and associated landscaping including retic.
  • Extending platform ends.
  • Linemarking.

Programmed FM

Project Value
$316,000 +GST

AWB Project Manager
Nathan Johnson

Scope of Work
Civil Restructure of Pedestrian Access