In late 2016, AWB successfully completed Brick Remediation works at the Fortescue House in Claremont. Fortescue House is a 2-story building at the Graylands Hospital in Mt Claremont. The location is partially occupied and used as office space, a kiosk and a pharmacy.
The fa├žade of the building was in desperate need for various maintenance, repairs and remedial works. Mainly involving the brick work, point, brick tie reinstatement, minor joinery and associated roofing and painting repairs.

  • A large portion of this work was various brick remediation works throughout Fortescue house, Graylands.
  • The second component of the works was to Gables, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 on the West Elevation which included various roofing and fascia works Remove, and replace with new various sections of timber barge boards and refix loose moldings to various sections throughout the complex.
  • Cleaning of bore water stained brick work.
  • External painting.
  • Ground leveling approx. 372lm.

Gowdie Management Group

Project Value
$136,000 +GST

AWB Project Manager
Phil Mortimer

Scope of Work
Brick Remediation Works